Looking for professional machines to use in your restaurant, your bar, your bakery, or for your catering business?

But also more and more private users appreciate our devices.


Yes, we can help you! Rotor is a Swiss machine producer with a production place in Switzerland. 



Rotor Gastronom GK600
Attractive, robust and safe The Rotor Gastronom GK600 is an extremely reliabl..
Rotor Gastronom GK900
Robust and safe Rotor Gastronom GK900 – our powerful model developed especial..
Rotor Gastronom GK950
Rotor Gastronom GK950 The robust, commercial blender Rotor Gastronom GK950 is..
Rotor Gastronom GT600
Beautiful, quiet and robust - the durable household mixer Rotor Gastronom GT6..
Rotor Gastronom GT800
Beautiful, powerful and robust - the classic mixer The Rotor Gastronom is a v..
Cutting head «High Power 6»
«High Power 6» cutting head For intense, subtle and fast processing. A also ..
Different Jars, including cutting head «High Power 6»
The big 4 liter jars, made of stainless steel or polymer, are ideally suited f..
Rotor Bar Blender 3
Powerful engine and high-grade finish Rotor Bar Blenders are powered by heat ..
Whipping head
Whipping head Stirs without cutting. For crèmes, shakes, cocktails, etc. Su..