Our vacuum bags suitable for all common vacuum chamber machines are individually packed in a pouch or sealed with a protection film.
=> For more hygiene and product safety!

We process first-class raw material from Germany and for this reason, we can assure that no additives such as heavy metals, Bisphenol Phthalate, and other, comparable Plasticiser have been added.
(In contrary to cheap import material from the Far East...)

Please select your bags from one of the following categories:


Embossed Bags for 
External Evacuation

Vacuum Bags for
Chamber Machines

Embossed Bags Vacuum Bags Standard
Type PA-PE 20/70 (90 micrometers)
Embossed Rolls

Vacuum Bags, strong
Type PA-PE 30/110 (140 micrometers)

Embossed Boiling Bags Vacuum Bags, extra-strong
Type PA-PE 40/120 (160 micrometers)
Embossed Bag Set "Mini" Boilable Bags
Embossed Bag Set "Maxi"  Perforated Twin-Bags

Embossed Bags extra-strong or for Special Application

Hang-hole bag

Embossed vacuum bag with Aluminium

Printed Vacuum Bags &

Fondue Bags

Other Bags

QBag Grill Bags up to 220 °C