Vacuum Bags for Chamber Machines

The vacuum bags for chamber machines are smooth on both inner sides and are therefore suitable exclusively for vacuum machines with a vacuum chamber into which the entire bag must be placed for packaging.

Devices with an external vacuum cannot handle this type of bag!

The vacuum bags are available in different qualities (thicknesses) and consist of a composite of polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE).

As a rule, these bags are transparent.

The thickness of the film is given in microns.

Standard are 90 microns (0.090 mm), designation PA-PE 20/70.

A reinforced version is available in 140 micron (0.140 mm), designation PA-PE 30/110.

Extra strong bags are 160 microns thick (0.160 mm), called PA-PE 40/120.

In addition to the bags in different thicknesses, there are also bags that are particularly temperature resistant and therefore particularly suitable for cooking or sous-vide cooking.

In addition, bags with print or perforation (for separating a bag half) are available.

If desired, the bags can also be provided with a tear notch ("easy open") or Euro hole (hang-hole).