DISSNA Precision Cooker KW-802

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The DISSNA Precision Cooker is not a VAC-STAR product.

Cooking with the DISSNA Precision Cooker is Pure Magic!  Create amazing dishes, just like a Star-Chef….

The new generation ... with the DISSNA WI-FI App

This fascinating device, with the latest technology, will help you bring your daily meals to perfection. The award-winning Dissna App ‘Cook Pro’ gives you full control, all the time, wherever you might be in your home. The circulator can be controlled and monitored via Wi-Fi using your smartphone. The DISSNA Precision Cooker is also equipped with a user-friendly touch screen, and the illuminated LED stripe tells you which mode the circulator is in.

1. Blue light = heating process


2. Green light = desired temperature reached, and timer activated

3. Red light = set time has elapsed and your meal is ready


  • With the Dissna Wi-Fi app, you have complete control at all times
  • You can download the app for free on Google Play and the Apple Store
  • Use the touch screen to control the temperature and the timer
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C
  • Temperature range: 25-99 ° C
  • Timer: 0-99 hours
  • Current: 240V
  • Power: 1100W
  • Stainless steel heating coil
  • PID controlled temperature monitoring
  • Flow pump propelling 8.5 liters per minute
  • Suitable for water baths up to 15 liters
  • Plastic housing
  • Certificates: ELT / ROHS / CE / FCC
  • Net weight: 0.96 KG
  • Device dimensions: 70 x 90 x 350 mm
  • Package dimensions: 380 x 180 x 92 mm
  • Light strip indicates process mode in 3 colors
  • Made in PRC

The DISSNA Precision Cooker is not a VAC-STAR product. It is a lower-cost circulator produced in the PRC. We tested the device in our laboratory and have been impressed with the results. Given the good performance and attractive price, we decided to offer the DISSNA Precision Cooker to you. Considering all sous-vide devices under 200 € are produced in Asia, we decided to offer our product of choice in this segment.

The DISSNA Precision Cooker is exclusively for home use and cannot be compared with our professional sous-vide devices.