SousVideChef CLASSIC


CHF 440.00
exclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Available in Black or White !

The distinctive features:

  • Simplest intuitive operation analogue to our SousVide water baths
  • Equipped with an SSR and powerful ventilation for cooling the electronics to ensure long durability
  • PID controlled temperature control
  • Temperature constancy 0.1 °C
  • Powerful circulation pump 16 l/min.
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Count-down timer
  • Suitable for a water bath volume of up to 40 litres
  • High grade INOX heating coil with 1300 watt heat output
  • Casing made of high quality and food safe plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • 100%SWISS Engineering Made in EU
  • 2 year warranty*

Each order includes our booklet "SousVidePro", value CHF 27.- / € 21.-

*In case of domestic use only