Vacuum container, Set

CHF 36.00
exclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Vacuum container-Set to VAC-STAR easyPRO

The set contains a vacuum container which holds 1500ml and one which holds 750ml.

(The connecting tube is not included in the set and can be ordered separately as an accessory.)

The Vac-Star vacuum containers are made from high quality durable plastic which is ideal for vacuuming pressure-sensitive and liquid products.

Best suited for retaining freshness in foods such as cheese, meat products, vegetables, fruit, herbs, tea, coffee and cooked dishes. It is also ideal for marinating meat and fish.

Tip: only use precooled items in the vacuum container in order to achieve optimal vacuum pressure

  • The containers comply with official food laws and are odourless.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Best-before-date can be adjusted on the date display found on the cover.
  • Stackable (only using vacuum containers of the same size).