Vac-Star homeVAC

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Enjoy for a long time, do not throw anything away.
You have bought larger quantities? Overestimated the appetite of your guests? A sauce prepared in advance? No problem!

Whether to extend the shelf life, to avoid loss of aroma or for hygienic storage: The homeVAC ensures that meat, cheese, sausage, vegetables, tofu, and even coffee, spices, juices and oils stay fresh longer. In the piece as well as a need-based portion.



Faster and more intense.
Quick success and an intense taste - even if your guests are already on the way: Marinate meat, feta, tofu, onions, pears, etc. in just 15 to 30 minutes. Due to the professional vacuum as well as the special marinating function of the homeVAC, the marinade permeates the product particularly fast and down to the deep. The marinating time is significantly shortened and the effect of the aromas is enhanced.



Gentle and to the point.
Vacuum cooking is a particularly gentle and product-friendly process to reliably cook meat, fish, vegetables, etc. at low temperature to the point.

A professional vacuum packaging, as well as the low temperature of the garden, ensure that vitamins, nutrients, aromas and the texture of the cooked food are preserved. During the cooking process, less liquid escapes and dehydration of the high-quality products is prevented. The remaining liquid makes aromas more intense. At the same time, the vacuumed foods are much longer shelf life.
The ideal vacuum machine in combinations with our Sous-vide device



  • Simplest operation with only one central operating element
  • Safe sealing of various bag materials
  • Practical vacuum hose for evacuating external containers and bottles
  • Easy cleaning
  • Maintenance-free vacuum pump
  • Made in Germany


Technical specifications

Dimensions: 310x225x480 mm

Usable chamber size: 200x100x230 mm

Maximum bag: 200x300 mm

Welding bar length: 210 mm

Suction power pump: 2.5 m3 / h

Final vacuum value (theoretical): <15 mbar

Color: stainless steel / black

Scope of delivery homeVAC

  • 1x bag support with positioning bracket
  • 1x vacuum hose for external vacuuming
  • 2x vacuum closer caps for bottles
  • 1x bag starter set
  • 1x Operating Instructions