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CHF 1'730.00
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Vac-Star miniVAC – Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

The miniVac from Vac-Star is the smallest professional chamber vacuum device on the market. Suitable for gastronomy, butchery, hunters, fishermen or the ambitious private user and the ideal companion for sous-vide cooking.

Control system: 'BV'
Overall Dimension: 260x 400x250
Dimension of chamber: 220x280x90 mm
Sealing bar: 200 mm
Electrical Supply: 230 Volt 0.6 kW
Vacuum pump: 4 m3/h
Weight: 17 kg

The BV–control system is based on a timer.
Vacuum and sealing time can be selected with a potentiometer.
Thanks to this easy system everybody can handle the machine.

The machine is completely built in stainless steel (INOX) and equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump especially created for the miniVAC.
A long lifetime of the machine results of its solid construction!

Highest Quality Workmanship

Vac-Star is the Swiss quality manufacturer of vacuum and sous-vide equipment with over 40 years of experience in the field of vacuum technology. Materials and workmanship are of the highest LEVEL and guarantee high reliability and long life.

High Performance Pump

The vacuum pump is the heart of every vacuum machine. The MiniVAC is equipped with a high-performance Becker pump, enabling a vacuum of 99.8%. Becker pumps are durable, powerful and reliable.

99,8% Vacuum

Due to precise engineering, use of the optimal pump power for the chamber size, a vacuum of 99.8% is reached.

Stainless Steel Housing and Chamber

The vacuum chamber and chassis are made of fully rustproof high-quality stainless steel. With the user in mind, attention was paid to the ergonomic hygienic design. Corners and crevices that could collect smut were avoided. When cleaning, the welding bars can be easily removed.

Molded Acrylic Glass Lid

The domed cover, made out of highly resistant transparent acrylic plastic allows observing the product during the vacuum packing process.

Vacuuming Liquids

Chamber vacuum machines enable vacuuming products containing liquid or fully liquid products. The inclined insert accessory prevents spillage and leakage of liquids from bags.