How long is the warranty of the devices?

The warranty on the devices is 2 years.

Exceptions are wear parts and normal wear.


Can I return my goods?
There is currently no right of revocation in Switzerland.
But we take back the goods within 14 days from date of invoice.
Prerequisite for the return is:

  • The products are in undamaged original packaging.
  • Devices show no traces of wear (such as limescale, dirt, scratches, damage, etc.).
  • Consumables are in unopened original packaging.
  • Before a return, the buyer has to contact us by phone or in writing!

How can I pay?

In addition to the well-known Kerdit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, the customer also has the payment by prepayment (bank transfer) and paypal available.

We also offer purchase on account.

The processing of the payment runs thereby over our partner Powerpay.

Of course you can also pay in cash, who wants to pick up the goods at the site Sugiez.


When do I have to pay VAT?

As we ship worldwide, the prices displayed in the shop are exclusive of VAT.

However, this applies to:


Shipments within Switzerland

Are charged with 7.7% VAT.


Shipments within Germany

Are generally charged with 19% VAT, because we are sales-tax registered in Germany and send from stock Germany.

Shipments within the EU

Are taxed with 19% VAT, if the recipient does not have a valid sales ID.

VAT will be sent free of charge if the recipient has a valid sales ID.

Please inform us about this during the order process your sales ID and order by means of the payment option "PP" (cash before delivery).

From where will my goods be shipped?

The goods are also shipped from Switzerland for deliveries in Switzerland.

For deliveries within the EU, the dispatch takes place via our distribution center in Germany.

For special actions on demonstration models, etc. if necessary, the goods must first be procured from the other warehouse where it is in stock.


How will my goods be shipped?

Goods up to 31 kg usually will be shipped with DHL.

Larger consignments or multiple packages are usually shipped through a forwarding company.